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Hey guys it's Matt!
Just wanna give the dedicated fans a heads up on what's happening with episode 10 and our plans for the summer.
Well we've recorded episode 10 and Sean and I have listened to it. It sounds good I can't wait to get it on the site. Unfortunatly, between his dwownloading sprees and his midget siblings, Sean hasn't been able to find the time to edit episode 10, but iv'e been nagging him alot and he's bound to crack sooner or later. Some more bad news, because of the fact that Sean, Mike and Noah are all going to high school next year, episode 10 will be the last episode of The Student Report (for now). However, Sean, Mike and Noah plan to release another podcast around the tech area of things. What about me? You may ask, well, I plan to also release another podcast in the fall. It'll be similar to TSR but less tech and more opinion.

Well that's what's been going on so far, hope you love episode 10 like we did and i'll see you all in the fall with my new podcast (name to be announced).


P.S. I know that you can't listin to the podcasts on the site anymore. Don't ask me what happend I have no clue. If you want to listin to any episode of TSR then go to www.podcast.net and search "The Student Report".

The Student Report is BACK!

This week we discuss XMEN 3, a toddler who shot himself in the head, and SURVIVED, the PS3 vs. The Wii, and more!!

The much delayed episode 8 is up ! This week we go Wii bashing, and celebrate the return of Bin Laden


In this weeks episode, we talk about Macs, Red Steel, and Spider-Man 3. As well as the premier of our fan mail segment.

This week we talk about the upcoming Simpson’s movie, the upcoming Tomb Raider game, Ice Age 2, the weekend box office, Antonio Bandarez on Shrek 3,4 and the “Puss in Boots” movie, North American leader summit, Jill Carroll released from terrorists after 3 months in captivity, as well as other small tidbits.

Remember to drop us an email to read on air at:


This week we talk about Jack Black getting married, Phil Collins getting divorced, we discuss the Iraqi and Afghan war, Google handing over search records, Egypt’s first bird flu death, South Park and Scientology, as well as the delay of the Playstation 3.



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